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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  March 18, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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this morning for bart riders. dozens of trains are out of commission because a rare piece of equipment can't cope with recent power surges. kpix 5's anne makovec is in concord where commuters face shorter trains and longer delays. what's the latest. >> reporter: bart is flying in a transit expert to help them figure out the problem because it's a mystery. in the meantime, this bus bridge will be in place through the weekend. bart travelers between pittsburg-baypoint and north concord will have to board buses like these. bart says add a half-hour to your trip. bart shut down a track after power surges damaged 50 train cars on wednesday. bart engineers still don't know why. passengers are at their mercy, in the meantime. >> sometimes incidents like this, i'm not aware of the situation, i'll be late to work and, you know, my boss, you
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don't want to hear the stories. >> reporter: so 50 cars were knocked out of service this week. 80 cars were benched two weeks ago because of a similar mystery surge problem in the transbay tube. bart is running shorter trains so they are packed with people. and that's affected trains systemwide so bart is ordering parts for these cars that normally takes about five months for the parts to come in so bart is trying to work with the manufacturer to make that a little bit shorter amount of time so they can get these cars back on track. it will cost up to $100,000. frank and michelle. >> okay. anne, just one question before you go. who is footing the bill for this? >> reporter: well, it is coming out of bart's operating budget. but in the meantime, you may know that bart is trying to ask voters for a lot more money for maintaining and upgrading their system. we're going to see that on the ballot this november appear that's going to be a catch-22
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because while a lot of passengers know that bart needs money to get the system up to par, a lot of them don't like the way their money currently is being spent. live in concord anne makevoc, kpix 5. if you don't want to commute into work today is another good day to play hooky, right, roberta? >> oh, yeah. you have to be pushing carpooling at this particular time to keep more people off the roads. >> absolutely! especially -- i mean, without bart, i mean, a lot of people -- look how crowded the trains were yesterday. picture after picture on twitter of people waiting in line. >> and here we are a metropolitan city in america to get it straight. >> months to get a part? >> right here in sillicon valley! >> 'nuf said. send your emails to frank mallicoat! [ laughter ] you can't see the top of the transamerica pyramid so the zeal is low so we'll have delays at sfo on some arriving flights. 44 now in livermore. you see the gray just hanging
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very tight to the state of california? that's a return of our very precious marine layer and that will be cooling us down today. 57 yesterday in san francisco, today 61 close to average. 60s, 70s around the peninsula partly sunny. kentfield 69 degrees. rain and the weekend forecast coming up. 35 trains running in service right now for bart. there is a 10-minute delay the on pittsburg-baypoint line in the sfo direction and again we have this ongoing problem. bus bridges are in place for the closure between north concord to pittsburg-baypoint. we are keeping a close eye on highway 4 because of that. a lot of folks may be using the road and so far, so good. share the ride if you can. pothole repair two right lanes still closed until 5:30 this morning on the southbound side of 101 right at oyster point.
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if you are getting out of town to sfo, no delays. 18 minutes. use 280 to 380 get to sfo traffic is light. police in san leandro are looking for vandals for using parked cars as target practice. almost 200 cars have been shot up. one woman who didn't want to be identified said she had to replace her car windows three times. police say they don't believe she has been targeted. they think it's random vandalism. >> it's a bb gun. but it doesn't take away the vision in your head of some guy standing in your driveway shooting. it was surreal. >> investigators say replacing these windows has cost drivers about $60,000 and that's just in san leandro not counting other cities. happening today, a new biodesign studio exhibit
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opening at the tech museum in san jose. kiet do reports. >> reporter: this is an exciting day here at the tech 10 years in the making. they have spent five million dollars on the new biodesign studio and it is said to be the museum's crown jewel. now, the new exhibit is hands on. it's visual. it's allowing visitors to explore, discover and play with biology. this is the so-called creature creation station with its 30- foot video stream. visitors handle pieces to design microscopic critters and release them into the virtual world where they interact with the other creations. the living colors lab is where you put on lab gear, rubber gloves and handle dna to engineer multicolored bacteria, then projected on a display. then at least a lab where visitors grow bricks out of mushrooms. the root struck of the mushroom acts like glue and after it's grown, dried out and baked it can be used as furniture. the studio is all about making
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experiences open-ended. >> it means we're not prescribing what they should learn at the end. we want them to play with these tools and even if they don't understand what dna is, we want them to understand that i can make something new using biological parts. >> reporter: and the new biodesign studio opens up today and it will be here for years and continue to evolve and educate students for -- they say it's a permanent exhibit so it will be here for a long time. >> for many years to come. is the exhibit just for kids? >> reporter: yes. so, um, one of the big challenges was that they wanted to make this appealing to everybody for parents and kids alike. so what they have done is again they have made it hands on and visual and layered a lot of content in there so nobody gets bored. live in downtown san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. the political showdown over supreme court nominee merrick
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garland continues on capitol hill. today garland is expected to make courtesy calls to senators after meeting with democratic leaders yesterday. many republicans will not hold a hearing for garland because the next president should appoint the next justice but some gop senators up for re- election this fall say they are open to meeting with him. >> if i can meet with a dictator in uganda, i can surely meet with a decent, um, person in america. >> the white house says it will set up meetings when lawmakers return to work in two weeks. the stop trump movement, allen martin shows us even former political enemies are now joining forces against him as another prominent politician is calling it quits reporter: former presidential candidate marco rubio told reporters that he is done with politics. >> i'm not running for re- election to the senate. as i said, i'm going to finish my term here and then i'll be a private citizen. >> reporter: rubio dropped out
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of the presidential race tuesday evening after donald trump beat him in florida rubio's home state. trump has nearly half the 1237 delegates he needs to clinch the gop nomination. >> we have to bring our party together. >> reporter: trump warns any plans to derail his candidacy could lead to voter riots. but today a group of conservative activists and lawmakers met behind closed doors to discuss alternatives to the gop front-runner. senator lindsey graham threw his support behind his adversary ted cruz. >> i think the best alternative to donald trump to stop him is ted cruz. and i'm going to help ted in every way i can. >> reporter: on the democratic side, senator bernie sanders conceded the missouri primary. hillary clinton took the day off the campaign trail to attend two closed-door fundraising events as she looks towards the general election. allen martin, kpix 5. if donald trump doesn't
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reach the 1237 delegates needs to clinch the nomination, the gop would have its first brokered convention since 1976. the hacker group anonymous has zeroed in on a new target. donald trump. yesterday the group publish what they "claim" is trump's personal information including his phone and social security numbers. time now is 5:09. it's strange what a lot of storms can turn up. something unusual appearing on the eroding bay area seaside. >> rain is back in the weekend forecast and we'll track it together. >> we are dealing with bart delays this morning. but your freeways look great. i'll have a complete look at roads coming right up. we need to be ready for whatever weather may come our way. my name's scott strenfel and i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews
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out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california. it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
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outraged over the verdict ia racial bullying case. they protested on campus yesterday following a recent at san jose state dozens of students are outraged over the verdict in a racial bullying case. they protested on campus yesterday following the sentencing. two of the three students found guilty of bullying their black roommate got 30 days in jail or weekend work. the third student was sentenced to a day in jail but will get credit for time served. all of the defendants have to take sensitivity classes. >> it's a disappointment for sure because we have been fighting this fight for a long time now and, you know, it's kind of salt in the wound for
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sure. >> sjsu's interim president says the university is winding down a search for a chief diversity officer. today it's holding an open forum with four finalists competing for the post. it's friday. usually it's light on the roads but we have the bart issue among other things. let's check with gianna see how we're doing. >> that might change things on 4. that closure is in effect for the second morning and you have pittsburg-baypoint, north concord, no train service between those station. there are bus bridges in place but again, expect long lines. they are recommending an extra 30 minutes if you plan to use bart this morning. pittsburg-baypoint line 10- minute delay towards sfo. keeping an eye on 4. seven minutes drive times steady. still very early but it is friday. westbound 4 hillcrest, 7 minutes, 65 miles per hour. the rest of the bay area quiet. no troubles along the san mateo bridge. in fact, if you are commuting
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out of the east bay to the peninsula, via the san mateo bridge, traffic is an easy ride across the span there. no delays out of marin. everything clear into san francisco along the golden gate bridge. bay bridge not seeing too many delays just yet. just a few extra cars there but so far, so good out of oakland into san francisco. our first look at 580 altamont pass to 680, it is "friday light" through here no there's connecting over to the dublin interchange. and pretty typical westbound as you work your way coming away from 205 connecting over to 580 about 33 miles per hour in some spots. if you are getting out of town heading over to lake tahoe, 80 and 50, no chain requirements right now. traffic is clear but again carry them to be safe. >> we have more snow in the forecast on sunday. weather watchers at 5:14 on this friday, we have at this particular time from napa and also from antioch also from the santa rosa area, we have john, linda and jerry reporting temperatures into the 40s.
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our live weather camera looking towards the bay bridge again, 525 feet from the top to the bay waters. you can't see the top so the ceiling is lowered to 500 feet. when that happens, with certainty we have delays at sfo so we'll check in with the local airports to keep a prized of the situation. 40s and 50s stepping out this morning. we have the return of the patchy fog and with the west onshore wind, 10 to 15 miles per hour, we have cooler temperatures today in most areas. in fact yesterday it was 75 in san francisco. today 61. so very mild last winter days. about a inch of rain is expected by monday night in the wettest locations across the bay area. i have been watching this area of low pressure. i just love it, it's textbook perfect. there's the core. there's the front. you can see the wraparound moisture around that core a lot of instability. this is finally beginning to break down that ridge of high pressure that brought us spring- like conditions and as we wake you through futurecast you see saturday no -- as we walk you
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through futurecast, you see saturday no rain. the leading edge at 8 a.m. on sunday morning, rain. otherwise partly to mostly cloudy skies in the bay area. front passes through sunday night into monday. 74 degrees at the state capital today. 57 degrees in the greater lake tahoe area. bring your chains to the high sierra. 50s and 60s, partly sunny skies today. the extended forecast calls for cooler turbulence on saturday. we do call for the clouds and the rain to develop on sunday. spring showers on monday. spring officially arrives on saturday night at 9:30. we have the oakland running festival on sunday morning. i have a team of eight people.
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we'll be out there. >> we're running again this year. >> good luck. in pacifica, el nino storms have brought in an unusual structure from under the sand to the water's edge. this metal looks like art or even a jungle gym but up close, it's easier to see they are a drainage system from long ago. beach-goers tell us the sand was much higher before el nino storms plowed through the coast. >> i'm worried about the corrosion of the earth. aside from that its beautiful. we get to see the differences of what's laying underneath. but then you also see history by the pipes that were laid there. >> earlier this month at ocean beach in san francisco we came across old ruins from 80 years ago. storms also brought them out from under the sand. >> imagine how much sand has washed away, not just a little
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bit. tomorrow is the big day for 49 champion spellers. frank, here's your word. it's the last day. >> i got three out of four. >> you have done really well. i'm over .500. >> this is good. the word is greek. >> greek. >> you got it! [ laughter ] >> winner! >> so it's -- let me make sure i'm saying this right. pentathlon. [ pronunciation ] >> pent -- >> now what it is. so it's a contest in the moder olympics involving participation by each contest
5:19 am
for shootings fencing swimming, running. >> p-e-n-t-a- [ pause ] >> i want to say h. but that's probably wrong. >> you want to say -- what are you going to say. >> pentathlon. >> let's see -- you're missing one letter. [ non-english language ] from leo elementary school in livermore. >> what's her name again? >> roya. >> let's see how she spells it [ spelling ] pentathlon. >> oh, man. missed it by the t. >> you needed a t. >> yeah. didn't look good when it went
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up on the letter there. >> but it' all right. three out of five is not bad. you can see the spellers compete in the oral bee on saturday at noontime. around you can watch it on kbcw cw 44/cable 12 and we'll stream it live on here's a cheer for roya at her elementary school in livermore. [ chanting ] 5:20. the search for a suspected bay area killer. coming up, how investigators say she may be disguised. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, how did your bracket work out for you? two great finishes and the sharks straight ahead. >> what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show.
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really is march madness. underdog wichita state tryi upset six good morning, everybody. a gambler at buffalo bills casino in nevada spent $15,000 on the two number 12 seeds that played yesterday in the ncaa
5:24 am
tournament. how did he do? how did they do? yale in the dance for the first time since the jfk administration. makai mason 31 points sets a career-high against five seed baylor. the bulldogs win 79-75. their first-ever tournament win. 12 seed little rock against five seed purdue. josh hagans from curry range to force double overtime. osai for the lead and that gambler won $78,000. usc c and providence trojans up a point. but an inbounds play ended the game. here's the desperation shot off the mark and the flyers beach the trojans 70-69. rough night for the sharks in arizona especially for joe pavelski who took a stick to the face. he was okay. behind martin jones, that's the game winning goal. arizona went on to win that
5:25 am
game 3-1. now, we have more march madness day 2 today. cal bears play hawaii and remember, the cal bears are the only local men's team and they are going to have to do it without a starting point guard who is out with a broken hand. we'll have highlights, post- game reaction and the great brackettologist on the show tonight. have a great day. go bears. play of the day march madness underdog wichita state trying to upset arizona. jack morris says good night with a monster dunk at the dunkin' donuts center. 65-55. they take it by 10. they will play miami in round 2 on saturday. kpix 5 is your home for march madness. two good matchups on tap this morning 9:00 the opener syracuse taking on dayton. and then at 11:30, middle tennessee battling the spartans of michigan state the two seed. 5:25 your time.
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coming up, a rash of violence to start the year. one bay area city's teenagers are being shot. >> reporter: another messy morning commute on bart. coming up, the problem on the tracks and why it may take months to fix. ,,,, ,,,, in the battle of burgers...
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. passengers, anytime soon. and an unusual twist some major problems plaguing bart and things may not get better for passengers anytime soon. >> and an unusual twist in the search for a bay area woman suspected of killing her own mother. >> we're tracking rain for the weekend. i'll tell you which day to expect it. >> your morning commute getting busier. your top traffic trouble spots
5:30 am
coming up. good morning, it's friday! march 18, i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. happy friday. time now 5:30. bart riders face another tough commute a tiny piece of equipment no match for power surges on east bay tracks. kpix 5's anne makovec is live in concord on the damaged train the massive delays and some mighty unhappy commuters. what's the latest. >> reporter: most of these people came from the bus bridge this morning between two bart stations in contra costa county county. in the meantime, this bus bridge will be in place through the weekend. no estimated time of return to normal. people will have to board buses like these to get between the north concord and pittsburg- baypoint stations in contra costa county. so bart's advice, add 30 minutes to your trip. bart shut down that section of track after power surges damaged 50 train cars on wednesday.
5:31 am
bart's engineers still can't figure out why. they're flying in a transit expert today to try to help them out. in the meantime, passengers are at their mercy. >> frankly, bart sucks. >> there's been so much delay and, um, it's disturbing. but i have to go to work. >> reporter: so 50 cars knocked out of service this week, 80 cars were benched two weeks ago because of a similar mysterious surge problem in the transbay tube. so bart is running shorter trains so they are packed with people. that's affecting trains systemwide. the problem with the passengers is not knowing what's going on, how long this is going to be an issue. bart doesn't know, either. frank and michelle? >> it's going to take some time. >> what will it take to get the cars fixed? >> reporter: bart is ordering this specific part that they need for the cars. normally it takes about five months to get that part in. they are working with the manufacturer to try to make
5:32 am
that a shorter time. these parts are outdated from bart's aging system. it will cost about $100,000. live in concord, anne makevoc, kpix 5. so maybe it's a good day to just stay home. >> aging parts? what do they do on the east coast? like boston that has the t line and fabulous metro system? >> hold on. washington, dc just had a major problem with their subway system. >> but they got back up. >> how could a part take five months? >> didn't we see that one story about that really brilliant girl in high school locally? what's her name? let's get her on it. >> i bet she will have it fixed in no time. >> make that part. >> in the sillicon valley. i'm sorry. okay. good morning. i just feel for everyone. i don't even take bart. i have to drive in. it doesn't run when i come into work at 3 a.m. but i feel for you out there! good morning, everyone. this is our live weather
5:33 am
camera. the clouds are lowering. it's the return of our precious marine layer cooling us down currently in the 40s and 50s. you see that right there? all those clouds hanging very tight to the coast. that's a marine layer and it's producing more of a west onshore flow. 10 to 15 miles per hour so temperatures are down. yesterday was 75 in san francisco. today 61 going to feel the difference. 60s beaches, 60s, 70s partly sunny skies around the peninsula and south bay. east bay numbers 60s and 70s. out of the 80s. we had 82 degrees in discovery bay yesterday. 60s also very common across the northern portion of the bay area. let's track rain together at 48 minutes after the hour. right now we are going to talk about highway 4. it's probably going to be busier than usual. good news, it is friday. so hopefully a lot of folks have the day off westbound five busies silverado because of all those closures for bart. we are seeing speeds doing okay between hillcrest and 242 eight minutes on the westbound 4 through pittsburg. bus bridges in place between
5:34 am
pittsburg-baypoint and north concord for the train cancellations this morning for bart. so far things are 10 minutes late on the pittsburg-baypoint line towards sfo. taking a look at the bay bridge, looks like they just put the metering lights on. you have delays now at least beyond the first overpass. not quite to the maze just yet but busy as you work your way out of oakland into san francisco. police and community leaders in richmond are trying to find a way to curb violence in the area. there have already been six homicides in the city this year alone. one of the youngest shooting victims a 14-year-old kennedy high student in february. police say they are going to increase patrols until they get a hold of the violence but community members know they can't do it alone.>> we have been, you know, reasonably successful in at least, you know, slowing down, you know, escalations and then in terms of, you know, focusing on the folks we think are involved. >> richmond police say they
5:35 am
have leads but so far no arrests in those six homicides. investigators releasing some new details this morning on the search for a bay area woman suspected of murdering her 90-year-old mother and stuffing her body in a trash can. they think alicia osibin has charged her appearance and is posing as a man in the l.a. area. here's what she looked like the last time anyone in the bay area saw her. her mother mary's remains were found behind her el cerrito home on december 2. she was shot to death. it's unclear how long the body had been in a trash barrel but neighbors telling police they hadn't seen mary or her daughter since august. police don't have a motive but they are convinced they are after the right person. >> they lived together, the daughter gone. and there's a number of factors to suspect that mother was murdered and the daughter is
5:36 am
not seen or heard from since. originally we did enter her as a missing person as well not sure if something happened to her too. >> another look at alicia osibin. according to officers, she may be going by the name alex calico and dressing in men's clothing. police say she is armed and dangerous. federal officials say the bay area college freshman who went on a stabbing rampage at uc-merced was inspired by isis. the fbi says 18-year-old faisal mohammad was self-radicalized and acted alone. they found isis propaganda on his laptop and evidence he had visited their website. he was from santa clara. he wounded four students before campus police shot and killed him. republican leaders are reportedly scrambling to find a way to stop trump and marco rubio says he is ready to get out of the public spotlight. mark albert has more from washington. reporter: former presidential candidate marco rubio told reporters thursday, he is done with politics. >> i'm not running for re- election to the senate. as i said, i'm going to finish my term here and then i'll be a private citizen.
5:37 am
>> reporter: rubio dropped out of the presidential race tuesday evening after donald trump won the primary in florida. rubio's home state. trump now has nearly half the 1237 delegates needs to clinch the gop nomination. >> we have to bring our party together. >> reporter: trump warns any plans to derail his candidacy could lead to riots. but on thursday, a group of conservative activists and lawmakers met behind closed doors to discuss alternatives to the gop front-runner. senator lindsey graham threw his support behind his adversary ted cruz. >> i think the best alternative to donald trump to stop him from getting 1237 is ted cruz and i'm going to help ted in every way i can. >> donald trump has -- >> reporter: the activist group anonymous has trump in its crosshairs saying it posted the businessman's personal information online. on the democratic side senator
5:38 am
bernie sanders conceded the missouri primary and campaigned in arizona thursday night. >> with your help on tuesday, we're going to win here in arizona. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: hillary clinton took the day off the trail to attend two closed door fundraising events as she looks towards the general election. mark albert for cbs news, washington. so if trump doesn't reach the 1237 delegates needed, republicans would have a contested convention in cleveland. the gop chairman says that if that happens, it's, quote, really important for the party to play it straight not to play games and to be transparent. time now 5:38. some tensions are building between north and south korea. south korea claims north korea fired two ballistic missiles one of which flew about 500 miles before landing off the east coast. a huge financial hit for soccer's embattled governing body.
5:39 am
hena daniels of has that and more. >> reporter: good morning, frank and michelle. we'll see if wall street can continue to rally today. yesterday, the dow jumped 155 points sending it into positive territory for the year. the nasdaq finished 11 points higher. fifa suffered its first financial loss since 2002 last year. soccer's embattled governing body reported a loss of $122 million after a year rocked by a corruption scandal. fifa's total income for 2015 was $1.15 billion less than its expenses of almost $1.3 billion. included in those expenses was nearly $28 million in executive pay and $61 million in legal costs. ikea's recalling all of its gotham table and floor latches because they could pose a shock hazard to users. the swedish furniture retailers says some of the lamp bases have damaged cables. so far three people in europe have been injured. carls junior may be more like the jetsons soon.
5:40 am
robots could serve you burgers. the company is strongly considering complete automation having exclusively robot workers. the company says it may make the move after minimum wage hikes have taken a bite out of profit. frank and michelle? >> what if you want something special like double tomato? can a robot do that? i don't know. if you didn't make it to comic-con this year, a lot of people didn't, you got something to tell us about because, um, they are going online i guess, right? >> reporter: that's right. for all of how don't want to stand in line through the convention, a new video subscription channel called comic-con hq debuts may 7. it will have original programs, entertainment news and, of course, updates and features on upcoming comic-con events. frank and michelle? >> i think it's in the sillicon valley this week. right? >> yes. there is the comic-con sillicon valley. in fact, one of our producers is there this weekend. >> she will be dressed as spider-man. >> no, not spider-man. >> reporter: my favorite! i love that. >> there you go.
5:41 am
hena daniels of, have a great weekend. >> thank you, hena. >> you, too. 5:40. some wild weather deep in the heart of texas. coming up, the damage caused by jumbo-sized hail. >> let's jump outside look at highway 880 on a friday. it's moving. starting to cluster up a little bit. we'll check on traffic and get your weather too for the big weekend when we come back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
5:42 am
5:43 am
wreaked havoc on the highwa. they say everything is biggn texas.. golf powerful storms in texas packed large balls of hail that wreaked havoc on highways. golf ball-sized hail broke windshields and dimpled cars. icy roads are also to blame for accidents. more severe weather is expected today in texas and along the gulf coast. >> that's a bummer. early-morning doing a story in
5:44 am
new england where hail that big hit a car dealership. they lost 100 cars. >> that's hail in texas! >> it happens every year in chicago. we have hail sales. because you get the dents on the cars and you get the broken windshields. >> but in texas! isn't that crazy? >> no, it's not. it's the same as chicago. it's that midwest the whole tornado alley. yeah. everything is bigger in texas. oklahoma. big time. but enough about weather because you have traffic news. thank god the roads are dry today because we are going to see busy conditions along 4 this morning. we have this bart problem we are dealing with pittsburg- baypoint to north concord no train service through there. there are bus bridges in place. there's already a 10-minute delay pittsburg-baypoint to sfo. expect problems systemwide. it's for an equipment problem and they don't know when it will be fixed.
5:45 am
it could go on for a long time. give yourself an extra 30 minutes on bart especially the bus bridges. shorter trains extra crowded as well speeds dipping westbound 4. 40 miles per hour in some spots right around bailey railroad loveridge somersville. nine minutes for your drive time. so still in the green westbound 4 hillcrest to highway 242. once you get past that things are free-flowing towards the eastshore freeway this morning. overturned vehicle reported. i don't have any lane information just yet. but looks like we are getting word of injuries, as well. we are seeing delays behind the accident so slow-and-go as you work your way through there. use 280 in the meantime as an alternate. looks like 101 is starting to get busy. 280 is in the green. no delays.
5:46 am
metering lights on at the bay bridge. it's building. it's "friday light" in some spots. happy friday, roberta. >> gianna, have you met my cousin? i call her kind of fonda ronda? she is real fun on a friday. [ laughter ] >> okay. she would be looking at this right now and say, it's fuzzy outside! yeah. it is. it's fuzzy outside. we have areas of fog towards mineta international airport, levi's stadium. no airport delays. sfo with only two runways will experience delays on some arriving flights because their ceiling is already down to 600 feet. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. we have the return of the precious marine layer. and because of that marine layer and cooler air mass aloft, temperatures will be coming down. yesterday 85 in san francisco. today 61. average high 62. these last winter days will be
5:47 am
mild and cool. an impressive area of low pressure is winning out. this is awesome. the core of the center of the area of low pressure with a lot of instability southern end with it and here's the front that goines produce some clouds here in the bay area. you can see it's enhancing the marine layer. boy, is that descriptive. saturday partly cloudy skies. upstream, palm sunday procession outdoors you will need the umbrella. it will be raining on monday. 74 state capital. 78 redding. 57 degrees on the south shore. we'll have snow in tahoe. 2 minutes and 28 seconds of additional daylight. spring
5:48 am
arrives 9:30 tomorrow night. spring showers arriving sunday night through monday. make it a great friday. time now 5:48. as el nino storms tear up the area beaches, we are seeing all kinds of relics long hidden under the sand up here. y-betty yu reports. reporter: as recently as december, beach-goers say that the sand came up almost to the top of those structures you see behind me. you could basically sit on top of those concrete slabs. check out how much this beach has eroded because of el nino storms. >> from a distance i thought it was a big work of art. >> it looks like a jungle gym. >> it's the treatment center release. >> reporter: this month's el nino storms revealed what's been buried here for a long time. an old drainage system that less than two weeks ago looked like this captured in the background of a tourist's photo.
5:49 am
one of the four structures hadn't yet toppled over. >> i'm worried about the corrosion of the earth. >> aside from that it's beautiful. you get to see the differences of what's laying underneath but then you also see history by the pipes that were laid there. >> reporter: earlier this month, less than 10 miles away at ocean beach in san francisco, we came across could believe step to steps ruins from 80 years ago similarly exposed by mother nature. back in pacifica this structure is making long-time bay area residence stop on their evening walk. >> it's mind-boggling. i haven't seen it before and i have walked here hundreds of times over the years. >> it's something that scientists will have to work on how to maintain our civilization and still have all the stuff continue to ebb and flow. >> reporter: in pacifica, betty yu, kpix 5.
5:50 am
time now 5:49. the idea that most girls are not interested in science fact or fiction? coming up a sillicon valley student who is going against stereotypes and getting a major award. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:51 am
5:52 am
giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. good morning. we're taking a look interest
5:53 am
our kpix 5 studios in san francisco due east towards the bay bridge in the port of oakland where today's temperatures will be coming down. down from 75 yesterday to 61 degrees. rain is in the weekend forecast. i'll tell you more coming up. >> it's slow out of san jose. north 101 near old oakland road injury accident fire crews blocking the right lane delays beyond 280/680 so slow north 101. some of the biggest names in tech and pop culture will come together for the first- ever sillicon valley comic-con. it runs through sunday at mcenery convention in downtown san jose. the inaugural event features a "back to the future" cast reunion, virtual reality zone and much, much more. sillicon valley comic-con is expected to draw about 30,000 people each day. as if the pressures of high school aren't stressful enough one cupertino senior is doing more than getting just good grades. john ramos shows us the life-
5:54 am
saving invention that earned her top recognition. reporter: presentation high in san jose is an all-girls school that defies the stereo time that girls aren't interested in science and engineering. when their star pupil missed school most of this week, they knew she had a pretty good reason. >> this is, like, the biggest award in science fairs that you can receive and she just won it and she is a woman to boot which we love. >> reporter: maya just won the intel science talent search often referred to as the junior nobel prize, and she did it by inventing something the world needs. >> i created a smartphone based pulmonary function analyzer that can be used by people all over the world. >> reporter: with parts costing only about $35, the high school senior developed a lung analyzer for sick people in third world countries. her classmates say they are not surprised she is helping others. they say the only thing as big as her heart is her amazing intellect.
5:55 am
>> we all know she is one of the smartest people like ever. >> reporter: do you ever see her get anything wrong? does she ever make a mistake? >> obviously not. it's maya. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the teachers in her advanced science classes say it can get intimidating when maya varma raises her hand. >> like, am i going to be able to answer this? >> reporter: they say her true genius lies in her humanity. >> i don't know that any student i would consider a genius? i really do think it comes from a place of passion, not just great intelligence. >> reporter: so now the school is bursting with pride over its new celebrity classmate. >> the kids were teasing me in class because they said, have you ever taught somebody famous? i said not yet but maya is going to win that award and she did! >> reporter: and the world wins, as well. in san jose, john ramos, kpix 5. >> and the first place award comes with a $150,000 college scholarship which will come in handy since maya wants to go to harvard or stanford in the fall.
5:56 am
good for her. >> you go, maya. love her teacher, too. some good energy there! 5:56. all the recent rain means some changes to california's strategy when it comes to dealing with the drought. >> and we are set up for another annoying morning commute for a lot of bart riders. more on the problem and what it's going to take to fix it. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
and i'm frank mallicoat good morning, everyone. it's friday, march 18. i'm michelle griego. >> happy friday, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. nearly 6:00. and another long day for bart riders heading to work. a small piece of equipment keeps breaking down as power surges hit east bay tracks. kpix 5's anne makovec joins us live in concord where commuters
6:00 am
are coping with massive delays and crowded shuttles. good morni. >> reporter: good morning. bart is still trying to solve this problem. they are flying in a transit expert to help them figure out the problem because it's a mystery. in the meantime, this bus bridge will be in place through the weekend. bart travelers between pittsburg-baypoint and north concord will have to board buses like these. bart says add a half-hour to your trip. bart shut down a track after power surges damaged 50 train cars on wednesday. bart engineers still don't know why. passengers are at their mercy, in the meantime. >> sometimes incidents like this, i'm not aware of the situation, i'll be late to work and, you know, my boss, you don't want to hear the stories. >> reporter: so 50 cars were knocked out of service this week. 80 cars were benched two weeks ago because of a similar mystery surge problem in the


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